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Steamhounds tactical combat playable Demo

steamhounds tactical combat playable demo linux mac windows

Steamhounds is a tactical combat with playable demo for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where the player takes control of a team of steampunk mercenaries. Also doing the dirty work of the shady factions. Who also vye for control of a once-great industrial city. Which has not release date yet. But does look promising.

We reached out to developer Stray Basilisk for details on development. While release date is still TBD, unfortunately.

Particularly what game engine is being used?
The game is based on Java and OpenGL (LWJGL).

And, can we expect to see a Linux port?
The game currently runs on Mac, Linux and Windows, and we will continue to support all three throughout development.
In fact, I do most of my development and testing on Linux, so it’s pretty much the primary platform.

Steamhounds gameplay will have you assembling a team and build up their strength. While deploying them on missions to infiltrate, steal, and eliminate their targets. You can also challenge friends in competitive team-vs-team battles. Or just attempt to climb the online leaderboards in ranked matches. Plus the fact that we have Linux as the primary supported platform is also a bonus.

Steamhounds RPG tactical combat Alpha Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • A mash-up of traditional JRPG and tactical/grid-based combat
  • With an innovative Stance system, you don’t stand idle between turns – set up powerful combos and chain-reactions, and attempt to dismantle those of your opponent
  • Adopt a formation before you fight, and adapt to the changing tides of battle
  • Live, competitive online play. Fight for your faction, or for personal glory
  • Build up your mercenary crew, take on missions, and uncover dark truths about the city and its inhabitants
  • Stylish pixel art characters in a 3D world

Steamhounds started in late 2015 as a prototype developed by programmer Jason Davey. Since then the primary inspirations are Final Fantasy X and X-COM. Then the prototype explored the idea of combining JRPG-style combat with a system of “stances”. Which allows characters to react to events occurring in the battle when it is not their turn.

Seeing the potential in this prototype, the game mechanics and theme have evolved into its current incarnation as Steamhounds. A steampunk-themed, PvP-focused, turn-based combat game. Currently the team is working on refining this core in response to playtest feedback. And fleshing out the game’s surrounding content.

Playable Demo:

There is currently a playable Demo for Linux. You can get access by joining the Steamhounds Discord server.

The release:

Steamhounds RPG and grid-based tactical combat will be coming to Linux, Mac and Windows priced at roughly $15-20 USD. Release is “still a ways out, so we don’t yet have a Steam page.”

So if you also share interest in the development progress, check out the official website. Where you can join the Discord and ask precarious questions.

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