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SteamOS updated to Linux Kernel 4.1 and ready for launch


Valve is getting ready for the launch of the anticipated Steam Machines, on November 10. The #Valve #developers have been busy preparing the distribution of the SteamOS operating system for the machines. SteamOS as we all know is a Linux distribution based on Debian, its developers are pushing all the latest updates in time for the official #release of the Steam Machine’s.

The SteamOS Beta was made available just last week. Now all of the packages have been migrated to a stable branch, with the biggest and most vital update being the migration of Linux kernel 4.1 LTS branch. A migration that also brings in a few patches made by Valve.

According to the official announcement and change log, udebs from brewmaster is now being used rather than brewmaster_beta isntaller. Plus support was added for multiple overlay planes, the on-screen keyboard issue has been resolved, with several keyboard and mice showing up as joysticks that are now blacklisted.

  • debian-installer – use udebs from brewmaster rather than brewmaster_beta
  • debian-installer – bump ABI version to the new kernel
  • steamos-compositor – Add support for multiple overlay planes, fixing on-screen keyboard in new Steam Client Beta.
  • linux – Linux 4.1 from debian bpo + valve patches + ESRT
  • linux-latest – Linux 4.1 from debian bpo + valve patches + ESRT
  • linux-tools – Linux 4.1 from debian bpo + valve patches + ESRT
  • mysql-5.5 – CVE-2015-4792[] CVE-2015-4802[] CVE-2015-4815[] CVE-2015-4816[] CVE-2015-4819[] CVE-2015-4826[] CVE-2015-4830[] CVE-2015-4836[] CVE-2015-4858[] CVE-2015-4861[] CVE-2015-4870[] CVE-2015-4879[] CVE-2015-4913[]
  • steamos-base-files – stop opting new installs into the Steam client beta, add /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules
  • fglrx-driver – updated to version 15.9, DKMS packages and firmware for Linux 4.1
  • firmware-nonfree – DKMS packages and firmware for Linux 4.1
  • nvidia-graphics-drivers – updated to version 352.55, DKMS packages and firmware for Linux 4.1
  • nvidia-support – latest to support NVIDIA driver
  • glx-alternatives – latest to support NVIDIA driver
  • tzdata – Latest upstream version

Details have been set for Steam Machine, the highly optimized gaming PC’s that are in fact ‘consoles’ and able to run a host of Steam games. Unlike typical gaming consoles, Steam Machines come in a variety of hardware configurations, with manufacturers making their own version. This leaves a greater deal of flexibility over typical consoles, making them upgradable. And almost all manufactures have upgradable options.

The official download link for SteamOS has been switched from alchemist to brewmaster and is now available for all.



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