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Steel Aces battle tank shooter holds hope

steel aces mmo is tactical battle tank shooter game coming to linux mac and windows pc

Steel Aces MMO is a tactical battle tank shooter game coming to Windows PC, with potential for Linux and Mac. Thanks to the further details from Armative Studios. Due to making its way into the wilds on the official website.

Steel Aces puts you into the world of tank battles. Where history mingles with intense combat scenarios. And the game does precisely that, dropping you into the commander’s seat of some of history’s most powerful armored vehicles.

Is It Free?

Steel Aces lets you dive into its world, free to play. However, if you want to customize your experience, you can do so. This is the studio means of monetisation, offering purchases of tank decals, shiny skins, or some elite vehicles. A way to make your tank stand out and show off your achievements or style.

For now, you will play on Windows PC, through its own standalone Launcher in Q3 2023. In the developer’s press release, there are also talks about bringing it to Linux and Mac in the future. But this is just a general announcement, although we do need more MMO’s with native Linux support. Let me explain what it’s about.

What Makes Steel Aces Different?

First off, the range of historical periods is broad. You don’t just get a piece of history; you get a journey – from the tanks used during World War I to those in recent confrontations. This means you’ll see battlegrounds like Cambrai from 1917 or Chawinda from 1965. So, while you strategize and fight, you also get a mini-history lesson, making the experience more rewarding.

The settings are thoughtfully designed. Some might be from actual history, and others might be imagined, but they’re all believable and due to keep you engaged. No random engine failures or tedious travel; just pure tactical fun.

Introducing Steel Aces

The folks behind Steel Aces have put a lot of thought into it. They’ve learned from older tactical shooters but added new, player-friendly elements. The result? A tactical battle tank shooter game that feels both familiar and fresh.

Top Features to Look Out For:

  • Armor and Ballistics System: This isn’t just any shoot and hit scenario. The design ensures that different shells interact differently with varying armor types. It adds a layer of strategy and makes every combat scenario unique.
  • Knowledge is Power: If you’ve ever been curious about how tanks work, here’s your chance. Knowing the structure and components of your tank can give you an edge in Steel Aces battles.
  • Realism: Expect to see tanks with moving parts, hear real engine noises, witness impressive visual effects, and feel the tension with authentic communications. It’s like being in an actual tank without the real-world risks.

So, Why Should I Try Steel Aces?

Steel Aces tactical battle tank shooter offers a chance to dive into the world of tanks and history. With meticulously crafted settings, a wide array of tanks from various historical periods, and an engaging combat system. It promises to be a memorable experience. Whether you’re in it for strategy, history, or just the thrill of battle, Steel Aces has something to offer. Due to let you dive in, strategize, and revel in the tank warfare adventure that awaits. Sign up for the Beta on the official website.