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Steel Assault fast paced 2D action coming soon

steel assault fast paced 2D action game coming soon to linux and windows pc

Steel Assault fast paced 2D action game coming soon to Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Zenovia Interactive. All due to arrive on Steam.

Tribute Games today unveils an explosive new trailer. Due to kick off details for its furiously retro action and platform game, Steel Assault. Soon to be discovered on Steam starting September 28th.

Steel Assault is a particularly fast paced 2D action game. One that also pays homage to one of the kings genres of the 90s. Double jump, whip, zip line, and slide. Doing so to triumph over the hordes of cybernetic enemies. This post-apocalyptic setting as magnificent as it is desolate. While you go back in time with demanding gameplay. Steel Assault is designed for the 4:3 aspect ratio. Also take advantage of CRT filters for a purely retro feel. Brave hearts can jump right into the heart of the action in “arcade” mode. Or simply enjoy a slightly less spicy challenge playing with the many difficulty options. Because you are not (necessarily) there to suffer.

Steel Assault – Release Date Trailer

Tribute Games is the developer and publisher of small pixel art gems. Due to games like Panzer Paladin, Mercenary Kings and Flinthook. The studio is currently working on the highly anticipated beat’em all TMNT. Hence the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge, with Dotemu. Signed in November 2020, Steel Assault marks Tribute Games’ big debut in the world of video game publishing.


  • Fast paced 2D platforming: Dynamic, fluid side scrolling combat with a stylish moveset. There are also tons of enemies and bosses to fight
  • Unique zipline action: Steel Assault has a new twist on classic grappling hook mechanics. At the same time, opening up fun movement choices
  • 16-bit post-apoc style: A beautifully fleshed out sci-fi world. All rendered in detailed pixel art and backed by fiery FM-synthesized tunes
  • Classic gaming experience: Beautifully hand crafted stage based action. Along with optimal screen resolution for CRT gaming

Steel Assault fast paced 2D action is coming to Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the games on Steam.

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