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Steel Division: Normandy 44 first video released

steel division: normandy 44 first video released in linux gaming news

Paradox Interactive is back with more gaming news, hence the publisher with a #robust #video division. Right now the first trailer created with in-game footage of Steel Division: Normandy 44 is available. Currently being developed by the veteran #strategygame creators at Eugen Systems for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since Steel Division: Normandy 44 is an upcoming tactical real-time strategy that puts players in command of World War II military divisions. While also featuring historically accurate units and environments, all displayed in Eugen’s IRISZOOM engine. This allows battles to play out in extreme detail, so players can zoom in. Or play from a full scale overhead perspective or while focusing on a single unit. Probably one of the most impressive features for a strategy game of this nature.

Check out the Steel Division: Normandy 44 new gameplay trailer:

So this weekend, Paradox and Eugen will be featuring several live streams. Hence showing off Steel Division: Normandy 44 actual gaming from the show floor at EGX Rezzed in London. While the multiplayer games will be broadcast featuring developers, you can expect to see attendees as well. Therefore the game features will be explained in a developer stream on Paradox’s Twitch channel.

All streams will be available in the stream schedule:

  • Thursday, March 30th, 14:30 GMT (10:30 AM EST): Developer Stream with Paradox and Eugen
  • Friday, March 31st , 11:00 GMT (7:00 AM EST): Live Multiplayer
  • Saturday, April 1st, 11:30 GMT (7:30 PM EST): Live Multiplayer

For more information and news for Steel Division: Normandy 44, check out the official website. Coming soon to Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on May 23rd.