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Steel Storm 2 announced – A new FPS game coming!

A sequel to the hugely successful game ‘Steel Storm’ is in the works – and it’s coming to Linux first.

For those of you who like the Steel Storm series of games you may or may not have noticed that the official website has changed to give a teaser of Steel Storm 2!

It won’t be another top down arcade shooter, but rather an FPS game in the spirit of Doom and Quake!

Steel Storm 2 is being built by a one man team from the ground up. The developer would appreciate it if fans of the original Steel Storm game and Linux gaming supporters would help and jump start the development of the game by pre-ordering it. The starting price of the pre-orders is $5. As the game grows, the price will go up until it reaches it’s maximum, which is $20. As soon as a worthy alpha build emerges, you will get to have it. Steel Storm 2 is a must have game for the fans of the original game. Please support the game and help it rise to its full potential. Thank you, faithful fans of Kot-in-Action Creative Artel!

What will it feature I hear you ask?

Some of the key features:

– Fast flowing single-player and co-op FPS combat in the best traditions of Doom® and Quake® ;
– Rich background storyline;
– Monsters and enemies with various skills;
– Gibs!
– Key hunt and environmental puzzles;
– Big and scary bosses;
– Modding SDK.

Sounds good to me, I have been asking for some time now for a story driven FPS game!

There isn’t much info as of yet but you can view the dev blog here to keep up with it.

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