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Stellar Monarch 2 empire builder sequel announced

stellar monarch 2 empire builder sequel announced for windows pc and linux support

Stellar Monarch 2 empire builder sequel announced for Windows PC, but due to get Linux support. According to details from the developer Silver Lemur Games. The game will make its way onto Steam and Humble Store in 2021.

Stellar Monarch 2 is the sequel to turn based, 4X, feudal themed, empire space builder, grand strategy. Where you are the Emperor and Head of the Royal Dynasty. Since it’s up to you to help keep the Barons and Dukes in check from other Great Houses. While you ensure their loyalty and obedience. Making them a definite asset of the Empire, not the obstacle. Appoint people from the imperial court to Ministers and Advisors. While taking into account not only their competence and loyalty. But also family connections. Fend off assassins, traitors, usurpers, and rebels. Once the Empire is strong within. Then you can deal with the certain alien threat.

Stellar Monarch 2 Core features:

  • You will feel like the Emperor (assassins, imperial court, noble houses, granting audiences, rebels, usurpers)
  • Rule from the heights of the imperial throne (no micromanagement: no moving individual ships around or constructing boring farms, you deal with more important things)
  • Unique mechanics (if you are bored with other games and wanted to see something fresh, you won’t be disappointed)

What is the deal with Linux support?

Stellar Monarch 2 will use the same engine as my other games. So it will run on Linux as well.

This is not actual native Linux support. So try not to get triggered. Since the original Stellar Monarch runs at a Platinum via Proton. This will carry on for the sequel. But this time, development is focused on making a completely new game. Redesigning everything and analyze every mechanic. While keeping the polish of the best parts of the original game.

The premise behind Stellar Monarch 2. You are the emperor, not a logistics officer. So you don’t deal with low level stuff like building farms, factories or individual ships. Instead, you focus on the grander scale of things. Players grant audiences, make edicts, and appoint imperial officials. Then deal with noble houses and assassins and crush rebels. Also deciding on production quotas and priorities.

The Premise of management

In Stellar Monarch 2 there is no micromanagement. So the late game does not drag on forever. You can play a fairly fast paced game on a huge galaxy without late game slow downs. You own hundreds of planets and thousands of ships. All of this is on the high level by edicts and a ranked fleet system. The whole premise is to have the player make only the important choices. Leaving everything else as abstract.

Another important feature is the asymmetric nature of Stellar Monarch 2. The AI plays by different rules and does not try to win the game. Aliens are more like creatures living in the galaxy. Instea of computer controlled players. Sometimes they can be valuable assets worthy of protection. At other times, an obstacle to overcome. Aliens are not created equal, some are primitive beasts. Which should be wiped from the face of the galaxy. Some are fellow humanoids inferior to Terrans of course. But considered sentient and worthy of compassion.

In short, Stellar Monarch 2 is fast paced turn-based space empire builder. Including a feudal twist and no micromanagement. But does include asymmetric mechanics and focuses on you as the emperor.

Also, with the empire builder sequel announced. Check out the official explanation by Silver Lemur Games. Due to arrive on Windows PC with Linux support via Proton. A Steam page is coming for Wishlist support next month. With an Early Access release due around summer 2021. Followed by a full release, “several months afterwards.”

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