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Stellar Warfare space RTS due to get native support

stellar warfare space rts due to get native support in linux gaming with mac and windows pc

Stellar Warfare space RTS due to get native support in Linux gaming with Mac and Windows PC. According to Dutch game studio Tense Games. Who is announcing the game due to release on Steam.

The Space RTS, Stellar Warfare is releasing a Closed Alpha format. The game itself is due to take place in the far future where humanity has colonized the local galaxy. While you the player must control their fleet of spaceships. Returning order to the galaxy. An event known as The Light has caused a galaxy wide civil war. So it is up to the player to look for answers and create stability.

With that the Steam page only shows Windows PC support. Therefore, we reached out regarding Linux and we have positive news.

I’m making the game in Unity. Once it’s done I think it should be fairly easy to also make a linux export. Since it’s one of the features supported by Unity. Windows PC has the priority for now. And once that works I’ll attempt to make both a Mac and Linux build.

With Stellar Warfare space RTS due to get native support. This will also be the first time Tense Games supports the Linux gaming community. Who are working on getting the Windows PC stable before moving to further platform support. Which means we will have to sit tight for now. And fingers crossed development and porting goes smoothly.
But for now, check out the gameplay below to get a further idea of what you can expect. Since Stellar Warfare is due to arrive with both singleplayer and online PvP gameplay.

Stellar Warfare: Singleplayer wave survival

“I’ve always wanted to play a classic style space RTS. Offering just the right amount of base building and customization for my taste. Because the RTS genre has been quiet for some time now I decided to make one myself. There seemed to be a lot of 4x games which did offer a lot of customization. But each game would take many hours. I wanted to create something that is a bit more classical in nature. But still offers overarching progression” said Thomas van den Essenburg of Tense Games.

Even before starting their first match. Players can start putting their fleet together. Selecting from over a million possible setups in Stellar Warfare. You can create fast ships, tanky ships, ships which lay down a field of flak. Or simply crafts that are cheap to produce. The player can then purchase those ships in-game. Which all comes after building up your base, economy and defenses, of course. No one likes a warp jump into their backyard. Either way the galaxy is due to transform into a big cinematic mess.


  • Resource collecting
  • Base building
  • Ship customization (add your own modules and weapons)
  • Multiplayer
  • Smooth and intuitive combat controls

Players can try out the game by subscribing to the Patreon to help support development. The Stellar Warfare release date will be revealed soon. Due to arrive for Windows PC, but also support for Linux gaming as well as Mac. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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