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Stellaris: Apocalypse expansion’s release date

stellaris apocalypse expansion's release date for Linux mac windows

Stellaris: Apocalypse, the newest expansion for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is coming for the sci-fi empire-destroying game from Paradox Development Studio.
Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer will be with you until the end. Since the new expansion will be available on February 22, 2018.

Apocalypse an expansion focuses on new warfare options and galaxy-altering weaponry. Which will be also be available to Stellaris players on Linux, Mac and Windows next month. With a suggested retail price of $19.99 USD.

Pre-orders are currently available for the forthcoming, world-ending expansion on the Paradox Store.

To prepare the galaxy for the end of all things. Paradox also releases a new trailer for Stellaris: Apocalypse to showcase just one potential way an empire might fall. Witness the devastation here:

Stellaris: Apocalypse – Release Date (Linux, Mac, Windows)

  • That’s No Moon, neither is That One, That One Might be a Moon, Wait, No:
    Keep the local systems in line with fear of the new “Colossus” planet-killer weapon – a technological terror that eliminates entire worlds from the universe
  • All Your Base Are Belong to You:
    New enormous “Titan” capital ships can lead your fleets to conquest, offering tremendous bonuses to the vessels under their command. Meanwhile, fortify key systems with massive orbital installations and secure your homeworld as an impenetrable bastion among the stars.
  • Pirates of the Constellation:
    Watch out for Marauders – space nomads who raid settled empires and carve out their lives on the fringe of civilization. Hire them as mercenaries in your own conflicts, but take care that they don’t unify and trigger a new mid-game crisis!
  • Some Non-Violent Features:
    New Ascension Perks and Civics are added in the expansion, along with new Unity Ambitions that provide new ways to spend Unity and customize your development.
  • Sounds of Destruction:
    To accompany your planet-shattering expedition, three new musical pieces have been composed by Andreas Waldetoft for your listening pleasure.

Stellaris: Apocalypse also adds an encroaching swarm of new offensive and defensive options. Alongside several nonviolent features. Several free features will also be added. When Stellaris when Apocalypse launches. All players will have more tools and also methods to stave off doom.

Steam, Humble Store and Paradox Plaza:

The new expansion and the free update will both arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows on February 22. Also, pre-orders are available via Paradox Store for $19.99 USD. Steam and Humble Store orders will be available at or before the release date.

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