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Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition launches

stellaris digital anniversary edition launches on steam in linux gaming news

Since the big #deal in gaming news is once again, Stellaris. While this time it’s about Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition which #officially #launches. Currently available now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Since your species has mastered the seemingly impossible. Therefore faster than light travel means a new era for your civilization. Those brave pioneers set forth from our ancient homeworld into the unknown. While scientists unlock more and more of the vast mysteries of the cosmos. Yet you are neither the first, nor the only, species to climb to the heavens. The player must test their military and diplomatic actions against rival galactic empires.

So it’s really hard to believe that Stellaris is already a year old. Since Paradox Development Studio’s science fiction empire builder arrived in 2016. There is widespread critical acclaim and an eager audience ready to transcend the bonds of their home planet. While forging a bright (or dystopian) future. So to celebrate this anniversary and with a gesture of thanks. Paradox is offering a Stellaris bundle with its three expansions. All with a nice discount. Depending on what you choose, these discounts range from 33% to 50% off.

Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition includes:

  • Stellaris: The critically acclaimed space empire game. Full of stories and encounters that take on new dimensions every time you play.
  • Utopia: The first full expansion for Stellaris. Adding megastructures and new options for the ultimate advancement of your species.
  • Plantoids Species Pack: Which includes a dozen portraits for plant based sentient life-forms.
  • Leviathans Story Pack: Including monstrous new creatures and encounters

Paradox is also giving away the pre-order pack Creatures of the Void and a new Anniversary Species Portrait Pack. So all Stellaris owners get this Free as a thank you for their support in the last year. Over the week of the anniversary, Paradox will continue offering discounts in gaming. Including purchases of the base game and the first two major pieces of DLC.

So Paradox Development Studio is very happy to release this news. Since many players continue the interstellar journey. Over the coming years you can expect exciting new realms of possibility and adventures among the endless stars in Stellaris.

The Stellaris Digital Anniversary Edition launches now available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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