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Stellaris: Distant Stars story pack arrives today

stellaris distant stars story pack story pack arrives today on linux mac windows

Stellaris: Distant Stars story pack arrives today on Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games with mysteries better left unsolved. So now this brand new story pack is available for Stellaris. The sci-fi grand strategy game from Paradox Development Studio.

Titled “Distant Stars,” the story pack adds new constellations to explore. So this also means close to 50% more anomalies to gape at in awe. All while issuing support across Linux, Mac and Windows. Also coming with a retail price of $9.99 USD. Which makes sens, since the review also reflect a Very Positive.

A new trailer for Distant Stars was retrieved from the farthest reaches of uncharted space for your viewing:

Stellaris: Distant Stars – Release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So in this discovery-themed pack, players will return to the spirit of exploration. Which is at the heart of Stellaris and encounter new anomalies and strange beings in the depths of space. Featuring surprises that may help or harm ambitious explorers.

Distant Stars DLC will include:

  • Behind Closed Doors: Discover hidden traces of an ancient gateway network unlocking a sealed path to the remote L-Cluster. Since this is outside our own galaxy. But is this door holding something out, or keeping something in?
  • Sensors are Picking up… That Can’t be Right: Encounter dozens of new anomalies and events for your intrepid scientists to observe. While analyzing, there is a galaxy of wonders for them to discover.
  • Brave New Worlds: Plot unexplored unique solar systems. Since each has their own story to tell. Gain technology, resources, and valuable worlds to colonize.
  • There’s Always a Bigger Fish: Come face to face with a number of unique gargantuan creatures. These exist and thrive in the vacuum of space. But also approach with caution, because whether gentle giants or something more sinister. These legendary behemoths have been long before you and will do what it takes to survive long after.

Distant Stars arrives, Price and Availability:

So the new story pack for Stellaris is available at $9.99 USD on Steam, Humble Store and Paradox Store.

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