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Stellaris mod lets you play as the Kerbal race on Linux, Mac and Windows PC


This week a new more familiar mod lets you play as the adorable and determined Kerbal race from Kerbal Space Program in Stellaris. Much the information and #details for the #race has been pulled from the wiki page, but this still makes for an impressive mod.

Conquer the galaxy with the race of green explorers made famous in the game Kerbal Space Program by Squad!

Includes portraits for the Kerbal species, and a recreated Kerbol system. Anomalies based on actual KSP anomalies can also be found, please avoid researching them if you don’t want to be spoiled about them.

Future plans:

  • More portraits if possible
  • Animated portraits/ship models (would require an artist with more skills than myself 🙂 )

If you are a fan of space games, you would appreciate both Kerbal Space Program and Stellaris. And now that you can blend the experience together, this mod makes it easy to import the Kerbol solar system into the space strategy game. The planet Kerbin and its Mun, not to mention the green and brainy residents.




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