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Stellaris space grand stategy releases today on Steam

stellaris grand strategy releases linux mac windows pc

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of truly grand strategy #games. So today Stellaris releases for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on Steam. While Stellaris is the latest game from #ParadoxDevelopmentStudio. The creators of such deep #strategy series as Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, and more. In the studio’s first-ever sci-fi grand strategy game. So players can begin a journey into a randomly generated universe as the species of their choice. Hence exploring new worlds, encountering new beings, and facing the challenges of intergalactic colonization, diplomacy, warfare, perils, and crises.

Prepare for your first expedition into Stellaris with a new trailer here:

In Stellaris, players must guide a species of their own design to power and glory in the depths of space. From humble beginnings as players leave their home planet and explore the unknown. Hence the tense “first contact” moments with alien species. While making difficult choices and responsibilities when managing diplomatic relationships with other star-faring races. The game presents the iconic gameplay of a Paradox grand strategy title on a galactic scale. With randomly created opponents and procedurally generated star systems, no two games can ever play out the same way.

For more information about Stellaris, visit the official website.


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