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Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack releases

synthetic dawn story pack for stellaris releases in linux ubuntu mac windows games

Since Paradox Interactive is the publisher and developer of digital entertainment. All beneficial to humans. While now having announced that Synthetic Dawn, the new Story Pack for Stellaris is available. So download directly to your power-siphoning pacification pod and/or via online distributors. Synthetic Dawn, releases today for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows PC’s for $9.99 USD. Since this adds new content and features to Stellaris. Allowing players to experience the games sci-fi exploration and empire-building like never before. The new Story Pack allows for the creation of Machine Empires, where players can form entirely mechanical societies. While finding their place among the organics — or on top of their charred remains.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack Launch Trailer:

Synthetic Dawn Launch Trailer
Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn adds unique game features and event chains to the core Stellaris experience. This will allow the new machine races to expand as a robotic consciousness. Creating an AI-led network that grows to galactic dominance. Players can co-opt organic life as overenthusiastic servitors. Taking over as driven assimilators, or simply KILL ALL HUMANS (and other meatbags) as determined exterminators.

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Features:

  • You, Robot: Play Stellaris as a customized robotic civilization, complete with a series of 8 new robotic portraits
  • AI, eh? Aye!: Follow new event chains and story features to lead your robot race to greatness as an intergalactic AI empire; pursue mechanical perfection in the stars
  • Rise of the Machines: Oppressed synths may rebel against their masters and form new empires — or you may even discover a fallen synthetic civilization deep in space
  • Digital Enhancements: New music tracks and expanded voice packs for VIR

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn is releases on both Steam and Humble Store for $9.99 USD. Yet the base games discounted 60% on both Steam and Humble Store as well. So this makes for some epic deals in games heading into the weekend. Available now for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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