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Stonedeep underground city builder to test support

stonedeep underground city builder game to test support for linux with windows pc

Stonedeep underground city builder game to test support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Direfang. Currently gaining revere in Steam Early Access.

Studio Direfang, is eager to announce the upcoming civilization building game, Stonedeep. Due to be released at the beginning of October. Gamers can get their hands on the title and take part in shaping the final product. Stonedeep features hungry dwarfs who must be guided to build an advanced civilization. So you must manage, build, and gathering resources.

Reaching out to developer Direfang, they also have plans for Linux. Stating the following:

We want to make a Linux port, but we have to rewrite some shaders first.

Stonedeep is being developed via Unity 3D. So development should be straight forward, after a rewrite for some shaders of course. However, Direfang is also focusing on fixing bugs. Also, getting ready for the games full release.
Meaning, Linux is a work in progress that I’m eagerly awaiting. Although it does play well via Proton, should you want to take up the adventure.

A 2.5D underground city builder game, Stonedeep grips the player. Since you delve into the rich graphics and plenty of activities. While dwarfs will gather resources, drink, sleep, and fight off monsters. They also come in myriad shapes and ferocity levels. Colonies built by dwarfs can be specialized. Doing so via culture, trading, military, or production oriented.

Stonedeep Trailer

“We would like to use Early Access to get feedback from the community, to make a better game. We have a lot to add to the game, so players have more things to explore and to research. Things like: building upgrades, weather, more resources, more buildings and more,” says Nikolai Ostertag, one of the two founding brothers of Direfang.

Stonedeep features great many actions and scenarios. As the level of civilization increases (there are nine), the need to increase. This must also see further supplies by spreading tunnels. Including visiting farms, the brewery, and other resources. But there are monsters to fend off too.

Direfang has added interesting features such as tax collection. There is also a limited amount of gold coins just like the real world. At the same time, the nature of the game keeps distinct from the real world. So that fight scenes too are unique from the real world.

At its current status, Stonedeep has 80 resources and 5 biomes. There are even 8 types of foes and over 70 buildings. The treatment is comic like and fairytale in its setting.

Stonedeep underground city builder game is currently available on Steam Early Access. Priced at $17.99 USD. Available for Windows PC, but Linux support is a work in progress.

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