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Stoneshard turn based RPG available on Linux

stoneshard turn based rpg game available on linux beside windows pc

Stoneshard turn based RPG game now has Linux support beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer Ink Stains Games. Available on Steam which continues to hold a Positive review rating.

The highly anticipated Stoneshard is available on Steam for Linux. While mixing turn based RPG combat with a brutal roguelike challenge. So you can explore the open world of Aldor. A kingdom in ruin where danger is around every corner. And as a result, expect bands of orcs, fanatical cults, and even the undead. Gameplay offers up ambitious adventurers while you acquire coin. There are also a range of contracts and quests to fulfill. Along with items to trade and bounties to collect.
Available, thanks to a developer post on Steam.

We’re happy to inform Linux users that we’ve successfuly solved all Linux-related issues and Stoneshard is now available on your OC as well. Recommended distributive is Ubuntu 18.04. Other distributives may work as well, but they weren’t tested.

It is important to note that depending on your version of Ubuntu. Additional dependencies may need to be installed to play the game. These dependencies are:

  • libcurl4
  • libopenal1

Stoneshard Early Access Release Trailer

Taking nods from classic turn based RPGs of the past. Stoneshard adds challenging twists to the mix. Including a simple, yet unique, health system. So that players have to mend their physical wounds but their mental state too. Likewise, wounds and broken bones you can treat with a plethora of potions and salves. But mental fortitude, or weakness, can result in either rushes of adrenaline. Which can also aid in Stoneshard battle. Or maybe panic attacks at the least opportune times.

While the world of Aldor is full of dangers. Adventuring heroes have complete freedom. So they can evolve and grow their characters with more than 200 unique skills and 400 items. All without class or level restrictions. While building a damage dealing tank or magic wielding mage. Simply anything in between right from the start. Making every single Stoneshard playthrough completely unique. For the truly brave, the game’s Ironman mode adds permadeath. And the constant risk of complete and total defeat.

Stoneshard is available on Steam Early Access. Now with support for both Linux and Windows PC.

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