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Stoneshard turn based RPG release date

stoneshard turn based rpg games release date and update in linux mac windows pc

Stoneshard is a turn based RPG that has a release date in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Ink Stains Games. Which is coming to Steam this fall. We also have a new update for the Prologue as well.

Stoneshard presents classic roguelike RPG gameplay in a new way. Which is also great for both newcomers and veterans alike.
You start out as an ordinary mercenary. Mighty forces have clashed over your once prosperous homeland. While now ravaged by war, feud and famine.
Since the Grand Magistrate is about to fall. A mysterious stranger makes you a fantastic offer. So you travel across the lands as a leader of the Caravan of Companions. While gathering followers for your cause.
Along your path not only will you face hundreds of enemies. But also struggle with hunger, fear and pain. As well as internal conflicts within your company.

Stoneshard turn based RPG Release Date Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • Explore the medieval kingdom
    Embark on a journey through the vast procedurally generated world of Aldor. Explore the dungeons, cities and forests of this once magnificent land, now ravaged by war.
  • Lead your caravan
    Recruit new allies to your own caravan. Be a true leader and keep morale high, so you can get help and unravel the mysteries of your loyal followers.
  • Treat your wounds
    Take medication or even drugs to treat physical wounds and diseases. So spot symptoms early in Stoneshard. And don’t let your hero die of fever, blood loss or broken bones.
  • Fend off insanity
    The horrors of a decaying, war-torn kingdom can maim your mind. While taking care of your mental health. Using different ways to fend off insanity and fear during your journey.
  • Build an unrivaled hero
    Develop your hero however you like, be it an axe-wielding mage or a potion-brewing ninja. Choose from more than 100 weapons and build a unique skill set for your character.
  • Get tactical
    Create your own play style in Stoneshard. Marching to victory with sword, sorcery or stealth. Study your enemies, learn to use the environment to your advantage and emerge victorious.

Victory and your Kingdom:

  • Decide the fate of Aldor
    Pledge your allegiance to different factions fighting over Aldor. Your choices will decide the fate of the whole kingdom. Will you save Aldor or turn the kingdom into ashes?
  • Pray for victory
    Follow the will of ancient Gods and gain some of their astounding power in return… if you are ready to pay the price, of course.
  • Die to fight another day
    Don’t let death frighten you in Stoneshard. Should your hero perish, another shall rise up and take over the caravan, continuing your quest.

While this is good news. We also have an update for Prologue alpha. The game has a polished and first abilities branch. So welcome to the mighty fire magic. Pyromancy. Seeing more players wanted a flexible system of levelling. Check out the full details HERE.

Stoneshard turn based RPG release date is February 6th, 2020. Which will also be priced at $14.99 USD. The games launching on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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