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Strangeland psychological horror temporary build

strangeland psychological horror adventure has temporary build for linux with windows pc

Strangeland psychological horror adventure has temporary build for Linux beside Windows PC. Thanks to developer Wormwood Studios. Which is now available on both Steam.

Strangeland, a psychological horror adventure game set within a funhouse of the mind. This is a pixel art point and click adventure developed by Wormwood Studios. They also released the acclaimed Primordia back in 2012. An indie studio that is certainly well known for its catalog of high quality adventure games.

Strangeland launch trailer

In Strangeland you will play as a nameless Stranger. One who is grappling with dark questions in a nightmarish carnival, where a golden haired woman keeps throwing herself down a well. Who is she? Can you save her… or can she save you?
The search for answers only raises more questions, while a growing Dark Thing threatens to overtake the park and swallow the Stranger’s soul in the process. Creative puzzles, evocative hand drawn graphics, and nuanced symbolism. Since they all make for a unique story game that will make you think. And as a result, perhaps unexpectedly, it will make you hope.

There is also a Steam post explaining how to run the game on Linux. Since this is a temporary build or workaround. A “more stable build” is in the works according to the post. Which works well for Ubuntu based distro’s.

  1. First, you have to download and install the game, then download the RAR file.
  2. Extract the file contents into the game folder “~/.steam/steamapps/common/Strangeland”
  3. CD into the SL_Linux folder, then “chmod +x Strangeland”
  4. Run the script “./Strangeland”, which will download dependencies
  5. After the download is complete, move the contents of the “data” folder into the game folder “~/.steam/steamapps/common/Strangeland”
  6. Run Strangeland from Steam and enjoy


  • A bizarre dreamscape brought to life with striking and surreal pixel art graphics
  • Clever puzzles with layered solutions — sometimes more than one
  • A rich allegorical story about identity, loss, and redemption that can only be fully understood if you look beyond what’s in front of you — it’s a puzzle all on its own
  • An integrated hint system, for those who want it
  • Play it again: hours of developer commentary and an “annotation mode” shed light on the game’s numerous metaphors, references, and enigmas

Strangeland psychological horror adventure just released on Windows PC. But you can run it on Linux using the above process. Currently available on Steam. Priced at $14.99 USD / £11.39, plus a 10% discount until June 1st.