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Streamlabs OBS native development update

streamlabs obs linux development update

Streamlabs OBS is the most popular streamer tool on Windows, but we seem to be missing and update for Linux development. For those who are native livestreamer’s on Twitch, Mixer or YouTube. This is the version that offers a host of services. Which includes overlays, donation management, custom notifications and so much more.

Since I’ve been taking this version of OBS for a spin this year. I can’t help but see Linux is missing development. And no, this is not a re-skin of the standard OBS.
While the core functionality is the same as the regular OBS Studio application. There is a lot more to benefit the streamer.
One of the best features, when you’re live on Twitch or even Mixer. Streamlabs OBS can pull your chat into the program window. So you don’t need a browser or third-party app open to see what’s going on. This is what caught my attention. Plus being able to control the Twitch Dashboard from within the app, oh baby.

streamlabs obs update for linux development support

Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) might be the best choice for your stream. But if you’re a streamer who loves Streamlabs, you can also benefit from better CPU usage. Since this is lower on Streamlabs OBS, an average of around five percent. So not much, but still an improvement. Since Streamlabs is banking on you normally having a web browser open. And there is a stream setup between both versions of OBS. So you can easily migrate your settings. Check out their YouTube Channel.

Linux Support update for Streamlabs OBS:

So now you have a basis understanding about the app, where is Linux support?
Well I have and update, since reaching out to the developers in hopes of good news. Apparently native support is not even in formal consideration, since the application is still in Beta. But I do have that good news.

Ali Moiz, contributor from the project states:

“We’d love to see a Linux build of Streamlabs OBS, but currently just don’t have the resources yet to support multiple platforms given our app is still in beta, and still adding tons of improvements and features weekly.

If you or your team would like to start working on this, we can certainly help you and support you. It’s great for the community to have more choices and support for great platforms like Linux.”

This is indeed some good news for Streamlabs OBS. But things get more interesting when project lead, George Kurdin responds to the email thread:

“We’d love to support Linux, but as Ali said, we are resource constrained trying to support growing demands of the streaming space.
To make this a proper experience on Linux, we would also need to work on a diff/better browser source.
Look forward to seeing what the Linux community thinks.”

A further update from Kurdin:

“To be fully transparent – we would still need to do engineering work and as we mentioned above. we are severely resource constrained. We are a start-up and need to finish a series of tasks that we’ve started.”

Since Streamlabs OBS development is primarily Windows based, the team is obviously not shy about Linux support. So I checked the Github page. There is indeed Linux support for development tools in use, Yarn, C++, CMake and Python 2.7.
So if you or someone you know has experience, plus the skillset to work with different browser sources. Email George Kurdin directly using the link above.

Feel free to share this post with someone who can help with development.

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