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Street Arena is currently on Indiegogo

Street Arena in development and currently on Indiegogo

Blossom Games upcoming project Street Arena is planned for a #Linux, Mac and Windows PC release. A cool shooting & racing #multiplayer game inspired by the old-school Grand Theft Auto 2 game which some of you might still remember. Blossom Games decided to make something similar but better :). Here comes Street Arena!The game is currently part of an Indiegogo campaign and is on Steam Greenlight.

Kick your friends’ asses in this explosive, fast-paced action/shooting/driving multiplayer Street Arena! Be wary for the police will strive to hold you back and might even accidentally run you over while chasing another guy. Embrace lots of awesomeness and cheerful moments provided to you through a number of weapons, vehicle weapons, powerups and many funny and unexpected mayhemic situations! See you on the streets!


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