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Street Artist Simulator holds hope

street artist aimulator open-world parkour action game has hope for linux with windows pc

Street Artist Simulator open-world parkour action game holds hope for Linux with Windows PC. Due to a small bit of detail being released from Shining Games. Working to grapple, dodge, and climb its way onto Steam.

Street Artist Simulator has been announced for Windows PC and consoles. Which is also a graffiti artists’ city spree in 2024.
In 2024, players will have the chance to take on the role of elusive street graffiti artists. All in an open-world action game. A game for those who are also creative and design their own graffiti. Or maybe want to find unique locations and compete for street fame. The game will hit Windows PC first, then ideally, Linux.

Probably yes, but priority is Windows platform.

This is the small but accurate Forum statement on Steam. Despite Street Artist Simulator not getting a ton of attention. The action is similar to that of action hero games. But not quite as graphically intense. However, the trailer does get the heart pumping.

Street Artist Simulator – Official Trailer

Players take on the role of street artists creating unique graffiti. The fun is primarily about creating your own graffiti. While searching for unique spots and trying to remain in hiding. The developers will also offer a number of additional activities. All due to add more variety to the game.

In Street Artist Simulator the player will have to get things such as food, drink, and a place to live. Try to find the necessary funds to carry out paid assignments. Or at least demonstrate their hacking skills.

Main Features:

  • the life of a street artist;
  • creating own graffiti;
  • urban parkour;
  • many unique spots;
  • street fame.

Street Artist Simulator open-world parkour action game is coming first to Windows PC in 2024. Then to Linux, as well as consoles. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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