Street Fighter V will be coming to Linux and SteamOS this spring


Earlier this month, sad news hit the Linux gaming #community with Batman: Arkham Knight being cancelled for Linux, #SteamOS and Mac. With all of the impending issues that Windows PC gamers encountered since launch, that was really not much of a surprise. Thankfully, there are better games coming to Linux.

Street Fighter V is due to #release tomorrow on Windows PC and PS4, but these are the only platforms we will see at launch. And as of now, the game still remain exclusive to Windows PC and PS4.

Capcom announced they were working on a Linux and SteamOS version but no specific details were released. Typically quite a few developers choose to release on Windows PC first then port to Linux and SteamOS later. Which seems to be the case in the recent Steam Community Update.
However, it’s great to see Capcom keeping eager gamers up to date, especially for big franchises like Street Fighter.

The best part of the news, if players purchase the game for Window PC on Steam, this will automatically include it on the Linux flavour of your choice. Which leads us to believe that further development is need to ensure the gameplay is smooth on Linux and SteamOS.

Take a look at the reviews so far.


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