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Streetoir graffiti painting to release soon

streetoir first person open world graffiti painting game is coming to linux with windows pc

Streetoir first-person open-world graffiti painting game is coming to Linux with Windows PC. Here’s a special thanks to developer HRUST for providing more insights. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

As an artist, not just any artist, but a street artist. The world of Streetoir isn’t just a playground, but a canvas waiting for your touch of graffiti painting. Now, let’s break it down, so you can understand what’s being offered.

…our game uses Unity Engine and Blender(for 3d modeling purposes), and yes the game will be on Linux on its release (14 of November, 2023)

A Dynamic Urban Setting:

You get to explore a compact city. But it’s not just about sightseeing. This this all about the thrill of painting in train yards, trying to avoid the watchful eyes of workers. You can also delve into the subway system, becoming a legend by leaving your mark.

Not Just About Painting:

While graffiti painting is a huge part of the game, there’s more to the world of Streetoir. Meet other characters, and interact with various items, while you delve into side stories that might also be a reminder of quests in other adventures you’ve tackled. They’re fun ways to get to know the setting and its people.

Streetoir open-world graffiti painting Trailer

Master the Art:

The tools at your disposal? Oh, they’re diverse. You start with a simple spray paint can, but as you progress, you unlock different tools. So it can even be something as wild as a fire extinguisher. The color options? They’re vast. As a result, you can truly let your creativity run wild.

Diverse Locations:

Yes, the city is your main hub. But in Streetoir, you also get to branch out with more graffiti painting. From underground subway tunnels to various other urban spots, each location presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Engage & Explore:

The world reacts to you. There are tons of interactions waiting for you on every corner. From meeting fellow graffiti painting artists to dodging authorities, while each Streetoir map packs its own set of surprises.

It’s Your Choice:

Here’s the best part. There’s no set path. Want to follow the rules? Great. Want to break them? Even better. Your actions determine your story. Be the rebel or the rule-follower. The freedom is yours.

Streetoir is not just about graffiti painting, but about embracing the culture of street art, facing challenges head-on, and making choices that shape your journey. Get ready to dive on Linux and Windows PC, due to unleash your creativity, and let the streets tell your story. Be sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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