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Streets of Rage 4 gets a free major update

streets of rage 4 beat’em up game gets a free major update for linux steam deck mac windows pc

Streets of Rage 4 beat’em up game gets a free major update for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. This is once again due to the commitment of developers Dotemu, Guard Crush, and Lizardcube. Which is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Publisher and co-developer Dotemu with co-developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games released a new content update. Since this brings more than 300 improvements to Streets of Rage 4. The award-winning revival of the iconic beat ‘em up series on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC.

A rippin’ new trailer shares a first look at the update. Which also showcases a suite of eye-popping co-op moves. Since these moves empower players to take their combo-driving teamwork to the next level. All while dishing out some serious hurt to the city’s seediest criminals. It even gives an overview of the all-new Custom Survival Mode. This mode which grants brawlers full control over the innovative, outlandish roguelite beat-em-up gauntlet. This debuted as part of the Mr. X Nightmare DLC. At the same time provides a unique new way to enjoy Streets of Rage 4’s spectacular combat.

Catch more details on the update’s additions and its slew of general improvements to the thug-slugging action in today’s trailer:

Streets of Rage 4 (and Mr. X Nightmare DLC) – New free update

Streets of Rage 4 is the continuation of the classic beat em’ up series. The game also released in 2020 as the long-awaited follow-up to the classic 90’s trilogy of games. After not seeing a release for 25 years, Streets of Rage 4 brought the series into the modern era. While receiving critical praise for its faithful evolution of the franchise’s signature action. And as a result, surpassing more than 2.5 million copies downloaded. The title features new and returning characters and stylish hand-drawn artwork. Along with fresh combat abilities and mechanics, with retro pixel character unlocks. Plus a soundtrack crafted in homage to the sound and style that made the original games so popular.

Streets of Rage 4’s perfectly reimagined sidescrolling action was further enhanced through 2021’s acclaimed Mr. X Nightmare. A hefty offering of DLC which adds three more fighters to the game’s playable roster. An inventive and immensely replayable Survival Mode. Devastating new attacks, an imaginative arsenal of weaponry, kickass new music from Tee Lopes, and much more. Mr X. Nightmare earned praise as a stellar example of Streets of Rage 4 DLC done right. Standing as one of the all-around best reviewed releases of the year on all platforms despite its arrival as add-on content.

Full patch notes are available here.

The free major update coincides with a sale on Streets of Rage 4 on Steam. Priced at $12.49 USD / £11.24 / 12,49€ , including the 50% discount until March 16th. Supporting Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Also available on GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD / £19.49 / 20,99€.
The Mr. X Nightmare DLC is also discounted by 50% on Steam priced at $3.99 USD / £2.89 / 3,99€.

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