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Strength Of The SWORD ULTIMATE fighting-brawler now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The #Kickstarter page for the game, although clever is a bit messy, so we will sort it out for you. Basically, Strength of the Sword Ultimate is “a #fighting #game combined with a brawler! With a huge sword, rocket launcher and a flamethrower!” The gameplay involves tactical and skill based combat while you take on multiple enemies at once, as well as the expected bosses.

As the games’ page claims, the development team outlines, “though we much prefer ‘WITH AN OLD SCHOOL ATTITUDE’, but we enjoy our brand of unforgiving mixture of a 3D BRAWLER and a FIGHTING GAME. Beating a game used to mean something to us as we were growing up and we want to give the same satisfaction to the player. We are also deadly allergic to button-mashing and if you get to spend some time with our game, we’ll be happy to see you contaminated with the same affliction. Mind your enemy and environment and plan every move before you execute it with intent and precision. You are a deadly war machine after all”

Strength of the Sword Ultimate is already funded for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, but stretch goals will allow the developers to add PvP, a Dark Mode, co-op survival mode, and plenty more. In addition, “The entire original game is ported and polished as part of the new ULTIMATE game.” Which will also come to PS Vita ($30,000), Wii U ($40,000), and PS4 and Xbox One ($100,000). Funding is over $18,000 at time of writing, so there’s a way to go for those stretch goals, but there are plenty of perks for incentives. If you just want a copy of the game, $10 will get you the digital download.

For more information, head on over to Kickstarter or visit the official website for Strength of the Sword Ultimate.

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