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Strings Theory puzzle platformer to get support

strings theory the new puzzle platformer game is due to get support for linux mac windows pc

Strings Theory the new puzzle platformer game is due to get support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. According to details from the creative minds at BeautifulBee. Which is released on Steam with 100% Positive reviews already.

In early 2021, Beautiful Bee, a great indie game studio in Poland, contacted Silen Audio to help finish their game: Strings Theory. Since the titles release on December 14, 2021, it’s already gaining acclaim. Boasting a vivid 100% Positive review from 31 player comments. On top of that, the developer has also stated, via email, that Linux is coming.

As feedback for Linux community interest in Strings Theory game with pleasure. We can announce that our title on release date will be available for the Linux system (Steam platform).
We also will put additional work for game optimization. So that even older hardware (Intel HD 3000/4000) can be played with stable 30 FPS.

Strings Theory is another Unity3D title. And with the positive feedback from players, they are expanding platform support. Obviously, the developer wants to brin the game to as many platforms as possible.

Strings Theory Launch Trailer

Silen Audio is a full-service game audio studio. Which was started by veteran composer Adam Fligsten. While offering a focus on helping game studios further their storytelling through audio. Silen is a fully remote studio with employees and contractors worldwide. While providing custom audio assets for video games.

Strings Theory is a mind bending puzzle title set in a subatomic plane. Which also features futuristic graphics and cute science based characters. Strings Theory already had some music and sound design. But the developer needed help to finish the game. Silen provides custom, layered music, as well as custom sound design assets.

Our number one priority was to match the existing Strings Theory sound palette. There was an established musical and sound design tone to the game when they started. Stating that Beautiful Bee was a great partner to work with. Since they provided mindful notes on the music and sound design. With most of the music and sound design by our founder, Adam Fligsten.

Strings Theory puzzle platformer released on Steam. Priced at $11.99 USD / £9.11 / 9,99€ with the 20% discount. While offering support for both Mac and Windows PC. But Linux is currently underway.

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