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Striped Swipers and Kickstarter to see support

striped swipers and kickstarter to see support for linux and windows

Striped Swipers: When Booty Calls 2D point and click adventure game on Kickstarter for Windows and Mac, but also coming to Linux. Since the games inspiration comes from 90’s cartoons, comics, and adventure games. This is a crowdfunding campaign that also deserves more support and love for that $10.000 USD goal.

Linux Support:

“There will definitely be a Linux port. I believe I can export it now actually.”

Since Linux support is confirmed, it’s just a matter of getting the project funded. The campaign and the project takes positive influence from classic point and click games. Personally I would like to see the campaign succeed. We need more inventive story based comedy games. But for now, play the demo below and see for yourself.

So players take on the control of the burglar trio, Striped Swipers. While they work with ghost pirate Downbeard for the ultimate treasure….no not friendship.

Striped Swipers: When Booty Calls Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, Linux)


  • Fun cartoon art-style.
  • Comedic writing with puns you’ll both love and hate that you love!
  • A quality soundtrack full of variety.
  • Optional puzzles, including the boyfriend-sidequest!
  • Control each Striped Swiper at some point in the story, experience their different ways of handling problems.
  • Guilt-free adventure game protagonists, since you are in-fact a thief, no shame in taking everything not bolted down.

Game Demo:

Striped Swipers: When Booty Calls is under development using Unity 3D. Since the Demo is only available for Windows. It is playable on Linux using Wine. Which actually runs really well.


The adventure opens as the gang returns from their latest heist. They’ve just stolen from the new pirate exhibit at the History Musuem. Turns out, one of the items they took belonged to famed pirate, Captain Downbeard. So his ghost is now disturbed!
After a failed haunting attempt, he parleys with the gang to help him retrieve his lost booty. In return, they’re offered a cut of his famed treasure. The gang agrees and the quest begins.
Start in your home street of Brooklyn in New York City. Sail on the sea, board a luxury cruise, enter a leviathan’s belly, and more!

Striped Swipers: When Booty Calls 2D point and click adventure Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign needs that support. The games expecting to release on Linux, Mac and Windows in October 2019. So be sure to play to that Demo.

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