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Striving for Light: Survival version 1.0 is out

striving for light: survival arena survival roguelite game hits version 1.0 for linux steam deck and windows pc

Striving for Light: Survival arena survival roguelite game hits version 1.0 for Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the commitment of developer Igniting Spark Games. Available on Steam with Positive reviews.

Striving for Light: Survival is an exciting and dynamic game that is an arena survival roguelite. In simple terms, it’s a fast-paced adventure where you fight against waves of monsters, grow stronger with various skills, and face challenging bosses. So here’s a breakdown of what’s new about version 1.0.

Infinite Skill Trees: Imagine having a tree where each branch gives you a new power or ability. That’s what the skill trees in Striving for Light: Survival are like. Since they keep expanding, allowing you to become stronger in different ways.

New Characters and Weapons: The title has added some fantastic new options. With characters like the Baby Phoenix and Grim Reaper, and weapons like the Blazebolt and Frozen Vessel. So you can try out different styles of play.

New Maps and Enemies: Striving for Light: Survival world just got bigger. Six new maps mean more places to explore, and with seven new enemies and bosses, there’s always a new challenge awaiting.

Local-Coop Mode: Now you can team up with a friend right from your couch and play together. This also makes it even better and more interactive.

Design Upgrades: The developers have made Striving for Light: Survival look and feel better. They’ve redesigned enemies, maps, and even the way projectiles look. This means everything you see and interact with is now due to be more detailed and engaging.

Endless Mode: After you beat the main challenge, you can keep playing in the Endless mode. It’s a never ending challenge where you can see how far you can go and compete in the leaderboards.

Striving for Light: Survival – 1.0 Release Trailer

Sound and Music: The soundtrack has been expanded, providing over 97 minutes of music to enjoy while you play.

Gameplay Options: New Striving for Light: Survival features like highlighted enemy projectiles, a transparent minimap, and improved sound effects make the title easier to play.

Exiting and Restarting: You can now easily exit a game and come back to where you left off, or quickly restart if you want to try again from the beginning.

New Gameplay Mechanics: Striving for Light: Survival is adding two new types of shards. One lets you change how your skills are connected, while the other allows you to get back skill points you don’t want anymore. This could make the title more complex but also give you more control over how you play.

Balancing Changes: There are adjustments to how enemy attacks and your abilities work to keep the challenge fair and engaging.

First, before buying, try the Demo on Linux and Steam Deck via Steam and itch.

Striving for Light: Survival arena survival roguelite version 1.0 is constantly evolving based on player feedback. The developers are certainly committed to making it an even more engaging experience. If you have any thoughts or find bugs, you can share them on the titles’s Steam forums or Discord. Your input can help shape the future of this adventure.

Available on Steam for Linux, Steam Deck (verified), and Windows PC. Priced at $4.99 USD / £4.29 / 4,99€. But you might also want to consider the Collectors Edition, offering a 37% discount with the original 2021 title and this follow-up, and soundtrack. Priced at $20.70 USD / £17.64 / 20,43€.

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