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Sub Rosa multiplayer first person shooter out now

sub rosa multiplayer first person shooter releases in early access for linux gaming and windows pc

Sub Rosa multiplayer first person shooter finally releases in Early Access for Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Cryptic Sea. Available on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Along with 83% Very Positive reviews to go with the launch.

Dirty deals, square headed gangsters and dough stories abound. In the name of the Rose. Indie developer CrypticSea releases Sub Rosa. Doing so as a pilot project, weird and penetrating online FPS. Launching as a hidden app on Steam in March 2017. Available only through a direct link. But due to keeping the player base small during early development. Upgrading and rebuilding the game through the past four years, while the community grew to over 50,000 players. Simply through word of mouth and a select appearance on YouTube or Twitch. And due to remain in Early Access until The Management Team deems it final.

Sub Rosa – Cinematic Early Access Trailer

In Sub Rosa, the players take the habit (and the gun) of gangsters. Taking on unhealthy deals, all out trafficking, and sometimes, in chases as well. All this with the ultimate goal of making the maximum of money. Available to play in three different game modes. Doing so in online PvP or online co-op.

Game modes:

  1. World Mode
    Multiple corporations vie for money and power. While taking control of different colored disks through clean trades or bloody acquisitions. Both cash and disks are immensely valuable since they allow Sub Rosa players to purchase guns, cars, equipment, and clothing that may help their company’s success.
  2. Round Mode
    Similar to World Mode, each corporation is pitted against one another in a ground-based variant of World Mode. This also goes through a five day work week. So the total money of a corporation over those days determines its standing at the end of the round week.
  3. Eliminator Mode
    One player is secretly assigned as the Eliminator and tasked with killing the player assigned as the Savior. While the Savior does not initially know their role, another Sub Rosa player is assigned the role of the Protector. Giving this knowledge and the ability to occasionally track the Savior. This allows them to meet up and discuss the Saviors’ importance to them.
    Even more, any remaining players (and the Savior) will be assigned the role of Civilians. Working together to either avoid the Eliminator for the length the round or take down the Eliminator with a grenade.

Sub Rosa multiplayer first person shooter releases in Early Access for an unknown time. The game is available on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Including support in both Linux gaming and Windows PC. Priced at just $19.99 USD.

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