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SubDivide to have you switch between dimensions

subdivide puzzle platformer to have you switch between dimensions on linux mac windows pc

SubDivide puzzle platformer is due to have you switch between dimensions on Windows PC, but with interest, Linux too. Thanks to a recent email from developer Julian Heuser. Gearing up for a July release on Steam.

SubDivide is a puzzle platformer about dividing the world. So it’s up to you to make your way through over 50 levels. Simply by moving a line that separates two dimensions. All while you seamlessly jump between them.

Linux Support:

The game is being developed with the Unity engine, which makes a Linux port very feasible.

While this is good news for the intriguing puzzle platformer. Developer Julian Heuser does “want to say anything concrete yet, but it’s definitely on the table.” To be more specific, Linux support can happen “if there’s interest” from the community.

Since SubDivide creates a unique vibe to the genre. While you switch between dimensions and cut away at platforms to make a path. Revealing hidden platforms or use a platform like an elevator to reach the goal. Then use your wits and good planning to make your way through forests and caves. While you make your way to a mysterious laboratory. Somewhat Super Meat Boy looking character, even in the game mechanics.

SubDivide Trailer

Something is compelling you, but what? What awaits you at your destination?


  • 4 distinct areas, each with their own sub-areas.
  • Over 50 levels
  • Constant addition of new mechanics
  • Good planning and forethought is more important than fast reaction time, making it perfect for gamers of all skill levels.
  • A New Game+ that (quite literally) flips the game on it’s head, offering a familiar but new challenge.

SubDivide puzzle platformer is due to launch on Steam in July for $4.99 USD. Plus a 15% launch week discount. There is also no release date just yet, but the Steam page did indicate June. But it seems like July is the now the new launch time frame. Coming to Windows PC, but with enough Wishlist support on Steam, Linux too.