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Subject 13 successfully hits Kickstarter Goal

Subject 13 found success in its $40,000 USD Kickstarter goal venture, and it still has four days left –Aug. 8 being the final day. The alternating third and first person adventure puzzler was gifted its first gameplay trailer, alongside the Kickstarter campaign.


The Kickstarter page shows the current donations totalling $40,774. The met goal means a #Linux version is supported at the time of the #release for the PC and Mac version. An Android and iOS port is in development, and will be made available to those who donate $5. For a donation equalling twice that amount, backers receive Subject 13 on PC or Mac. If a stretch goal of $60,000 is achieved, the game will be developed for compatibility with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Subject 13 is programmed and penned by French Guinness World Record holder for the success of his earlier title, Flashback, Paul Cuisset. The game also claims Paris, France-based publishing company Microïds.

Subject 13 involves a physics professor turned hermit after his fiancée’s death. He awakens in an underground research facility, communicated with by a solitary disembodied voice, who addresses the professor as “Subject 13.” Subject 13 goes through the game finding an exit and a reason for his abduction.

Players encounter mechanisms and caches that tie into the game’s puzzle mechanics. As a player advances, more of the story is unfolded. Puzzles will start at introductory difficulty, but will steadily increase further toward the end, to where, “completing the entire adventure should be a real challenge, even for the experts,” according to a press release.

The trailer shows bits of first and third person gameplay, as well as a talking head segment of the mind behind the design, Cuisset. The video can be found on the game’s Kickstarter page, where interested investors can learn more and pledge a donation.

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