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Subnautica full release means no native support

subnautica full release means no linux support only windows mac gaming

Subnautica has a full release scheduled for Windows and Mac gaming, but no Linux support. This information comes directly from Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Which is also somewhat reasonable.

Subnautica released on Steam in Early Access in December 2014. There was hope for native support considering this is a Unity 3D based game.
Complete with open world, underwater adventure game. Hence the creators of Natural Selection. We had hope that this would eventually morph into a native release.

Subnautica Early Access Trailer (Windows, Mac, but no Linux gaming)

Linux support and Unknown Worlds:

“I’m really sorry, but Subnautica will not be offered on Linux at launch. And we have no plans to develop a Linux version.

We do love Linux, I personally daily-drive it, and we did a Linux version of our previous game, NS2 [Natural Selection 2].

Unfortunately, we can’t make the business case for a Linux version of Subnautica at this time. Yes, Subnautica uses Unity. But Subnautica’s version of Unity is bespoke built by us. And pretty wildly divergent from the garden-variety Unity that underlies games that might easily see a port.

I’m not sure what the future holds for UWE and Linux more broadly. I think that with passionate advocates like yourself around. There’s a stronger chance of us devoting resources to Linux in future.”

So this an interesting reply from Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Since native support across the board is not out of the question. Which also brings to light some of the changes associated with Subnautica as a whole.
So hopefully this is a clear enough explanation for all. A huge disappointment as well. But that being said, here’s hoping we see further native support from Unknown Worlds.

The games been in development for more than three years. And players are getting really into Subnautica gaming. Of course their feedback does ensure that this is not just an ‘Early Access Game.’

Launch Livestream

Unknown Worlds are celebrating with a Launch Livestream at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So if you want to join in, sign up.

Full release for Subnautica:

So for those still interested, can use Lutris to play. While the games full release will be available on both Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD for Windows and Mac. Since the world is now larger, deeper and more striking. The creatures more diverse and intelligent, loot, crafting and vehicle construction more comprehensive.

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