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Sudden Strike 4 new multiplayer improvements

sudden strike 4 new multiplayer improvements for linux ubuntu mac windows in steam games

Sudden Strike 4 made a debut on Steam with day-one support on Linux and Ubuntu. The games also seen some mostly positive reivews on Steam. Which we actually expected to be better rated overall. Yet just released, the latest update address LAN issues and multiplayer issues. While this also includes host migration improvements. Which I have yet to encounter but needless to say, we have improvements. Yet there are not patches coming for the gameplay itself at this time.

Sudden Strike 4 Changelog version 1.02.19541:

  • Lan Support fixed
  • Host migration improvements
  • Ingame/multiplayer lobby team and all chat (use TAB to switch between all and team chat
  • Ping function introduced for multiplayer (use the button or Crtl+click next to the minimap)
  • Reworked icon feedback for formations
  • Fix for crashes caused by a specific set of civil cars
  • New fix suspension of some soviet trucks
  • Fixed voices of last Allied extra
  • A fix for group movement mirroring
  • Fixed reverse movement handling and unit in-place turning
  • Consolidated large unit obstruction sizes
  • Tweaked infantry vs infantry collision behavior
  • Fixed an issue where repeated commands would make units stop

Additionally, the development team is already busy working on more updates and improvements, including new maps for skirmish and multiplayer and an additional ‘classic’ multiplayer mode.

Best known for historically-based simulation and strategy titles. The prolific publisher Kalypso Media and Hungarian developer Kite Games crafted the fourth entry. While bringing the iconic Sudden Strike series to eager fans. Sudden Strike 4 pursues the series’ of offering a chess-like strategic experience. Since each unit is extremely valuable, across Linux, Mac and Windows. With the trademark focus on careful unit preservation. While also including tactical exploitation of strength vs. weakness. The optional “pause and play” system also returns to the single-player mode. This allows players to suspend the action and perform calculated manoeuvres. Or just react to contact with the enemy at any time.

So the Sudden Strike 4 releases worldwide and available now on Steam and Humble Store. Supporting Linux and Ubuntu as well.

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