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Summer Catchers road trip adventure support

summer catchers road trip adventure support in linux mac windows pc games

Summer Catchers road trip adventure releases for Mac and Windows PC, but will also get Linux support. Thanks to developer FaceIT. Which is also now available on Steam.

Summer Catchers is a new road trip adventure. The games available now on Steam. With also has 90% Positive reviews. So not too shabby. But this cute game only supports Mac and Windows PC. Developer FaceIT is eager for Linux support as well.

Linux Support:

Linux gaming community will have to wait Summer Catchers a little while longer. We are a small team and we simply don’t have a time. Or a quality testing on all three PC platforms. But we plan the Linux version for the future!

What game engine is being used? You guessed it, Unity3D. But we can expect to see Linux support. Checking SteamDB, I see there is also a Linux Beta showing up. Although there is no native release date yet. But it’s coming to Steam.

Summer Catchers marks the first day of your epic road trip as Chu. a young girl from northern lands who has never seen summer. While she dreams of the oceans and mountains. Including the wondrous world to discover.
So with her trusty wooden car. You must travel to distant lands full of mystery. All complete your quest of finally see summer.

So first things first, we need to stock up on supplies. Since each level in Summer Catchers is “endless” in a sense. Where you traverse the terrain using various tools for your car. Such as battering rams, speed boosters and more.
And if you crash, you can repair your car. Then try again until you complete all the goals for that mission. During these wild rides you will be tasked with various missions. You might also have random encounters with strange creatures. Those who can both aid or hinder your quest. Here is where can spend the mushrooms you collect. Doing so at various shops to stockpile your car add on’s. Since each item has a one time use.

Summer Catchers Release Trailer (Mac, Windows PC, then Linux)

Of course any road trip is better with a friend and in Summer Catchers. You can team up with a friend in the local co-op mode. It can be activated at anytime. Since a friend can take control of Chu’s little brother, Lil Bro. Along with his trusty side car.
In the main gameplay mode each player must take turns using tools. While Chu is working on her car. Then Lil Bro is free to explore the world. Lil Bro can interact with NPC’s and the environment. Doing so in a way Chu cannot in order to find secrets. Also uncover stashes of mushrooms. As well as find the secret chewing gum in each stage and unleash its hidden power.

Finally the rule of any road trip is put together an epic soundtrack for your journey. Summer Catchers is no exception with its thumping OST from Geek Pilot Soundworks. Available to purchase on Steam. Or to stream on your platform of choice. You can groove and rock along to your favourite jams. All part of this release in a uniquely charming adventure.

Summer Catchers is available on Mac and Windows PC. The road trip adventure is priced at $12.99 USD. But also adds a 15% launch discount for the first week. Which a Linux release coming as well.

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