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Summer Daze at Hero-U campaign in final hours

summer daze at hero-u kickstarter campaign in final hours for linux mac windows pc

Summer Daze at Hero-U Kickstarter campaign in final hours for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which is almost funded for developer Transolar Games. The crowdfunding campaign is 84% funded towards the $99,999 USD goal.

If you missed the original post about Summer Daze at Hero-U. This is for those who love adventure and storytelling games.
Sometimes getting to the next part of the story can also be frustrating. Visual novels tell stories but don’t offer as many choices. Or as much freedom as adventure games. But why can’t we have both?

That’s the question Lori Cole asked when she started writing Summer Daze at Hero-U. So this is a prequel story to the highly rated Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Surprisingly, she found the answer in simulation games. Such as Dream Daddy and Magical Diary. Those games present stories with real choices. They also avoid the sometimes arbitrary and frustrating puzzles of many adventure games.

Since Lori is known for the depth and complexity of dialogue and story. Which is also part of her games Quest for Glory, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, and Shannara. As a result, much of the focus in developing those games was on the role-playing game mechanics. And also, “walking simulator” graphics, and enabling interaction with every object. While these things are fun, they can become distractions from the game’s story.

A New Direction

Just as Lori and Corey Cole combined tabletop roleplaying. While including adventure game mechanics in many of their previous games. She decided to combine the best parts of visual novels. And also use simulation and adventure gaming elements.
In Summer Daze at Hero-U, players make meaningful choices. Since these affect the direction of the story. And most importantly, their character’s relationship with other people in the game.

Most visual novels have static plots that the player uncovers as he goes along. Summer Daze at Hero-U has no fixed story. The player makes the story by choosing where to go. Who to interact with and how to interact with them. Player choices matter. The plot may be the same between games. But the outcome can be wildly different.” – Lori Cole

Summer Daze at Hero-U Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Summer Daze at Hero-U is a story driven point and click adventure game. Play as female rogue Tilly Appleberry. Whose humor and wits are her greatest weapons. You can also play the studious male wizard Ifeyo Kinah. Or his meerbat familiar Jafafa. Since the game has two storytelling adventure games in one. The adventure begins during Hero-U’s summer festival. Which has to be a success… or not. It’s up to the player.

Summer Daze is designed to be replayed many times. Since the character relationships and story change each time. Which is all due to player choices. If you’ve ever watched a film or read a book. Or even asked, “Why did the character do that? I would have…”. Summer Daze at Hero-U will give you that chance. So you can try different actions and learn how they turn out.

Lori and Corey are currently in the final hours on Kickstarter. They are looking to complete the writing and development of Summer Daze at Hero-U. And also add additional animation and game features. Visit the official website for Summer Daze at Hero-U. Learn more and support this innovative and original game. Due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The funding campaign is in the final hours. Which ends at noon PST (Los Angeles time), November 5.

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