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Summer sale on Steam and Versus Evil Deals

summer sale on steam and versus evil sale for linux mac windows pc

Summer sale on Steam brings with it a Versus Evil Sale for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Independent video game publishers comes with a host of good deals. All available on Steam until July 9th.

Versus Evil is one of the leading independent video game publishers. They also does have a host of Linux supported games in Summer sale on Steam. Now they are announcing a range of huge discounts across the entire catalogue. All available now in the summer sale on Steam.

Linux gamers can now take advantage of some great savings. Versus Evils also has a variety of games. Including up to 34% off their latest story driven tactics RPG Wintermoor Tactics Club. The Unity 3D games runs well on Proton but is not slated for native support. Despite the games 89% Very Positive reviews.

Summer sale on Steam includes Pillars of Eternity II

The critically acclaimed and award winning RPG Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Obsidian Edition. Also the Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Standard Edition is reduced by 60% and 50% respectively in the Summer sale on Steam. To add even more adventure to your experience, 50% discounts are also available across all three DLC packs. Making this a sure win purchase for Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.

The beautifully crafted Viking RPG, Banner Saga trilogy is also available. This with up to 80% discounts across Banner Saga and Banner Saga 2. And 60% discounts for Banner Saga 3 including the Legendary Edition and Deluxe Editions. Proton support here varies but still worth it.

The Summer sale on Steam includes the beautifully artistic strategic card game Faeria. Offering up a deal that is 60% off the main game. And alsdo 50% off its expansion packs including Chronicles of Gagana.

Other discounts include 67% off BAFTA winning hide and seek party shooter. The twin stick gameplay of AT SUNDOWN: Shots in the Dark is good fun. Which does have Linux, Mac and Windows PC support. Also worth playing if you like a good competitive game.

Summer sale on Steam comes with some epic deals on Steam in the Versus Evil Sale. Such as the devilishly devious Antihero digital board game is worth a mention. This game is a steal with 75% off and its Book Club and Armello characters packs are also reduced with 50% off. Dragons and Titans is free to play and worth delving into. While the space junk strategy game Habitat offers up a 90% off.