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Sumoman horizontal arcade puzzler with an advanced physics on Greenlight


The Trials game series is the best place to look for side-scrolling #physicsbased stunts, destructible objects and ability to reverse time. The players will solve various physical #puzzles, trying to keep a Sumoman on his feet in the challenging environments.  The upcoming release of Sumoman, you will enjoy all of the challenges of Trials without coming face to face with your two-wheeled nemesis. It’s constructed in a similar style but you will be controlling a Sumo wrestler instead of a motorbike.

A young Sumoman returning home from the sumo tournament finds his fellow countrymen in a dramatic peril. An Evil Mage has enchanted the inhabitants of the island, including the magnificent Daughter of the Daimyo, putting them to the eternal sleep.

Our clumsy yet fearless hero starts his journey across the stony islands, dark mountain caves, mysterious haunted mansions, deserted flotilla of merchant ships and many other scenic environments to reach the Daimyo’s castle. He will have to overcome the puzzling contraptions and threatening surroundings to face the Evil Mage. Sumoman makes no haste, because nothing can be worse for a noble hero than to fall over and lie helplessly.


At the current stage of development we’ve already implemented:

  • 5 environments: island, caves, mansion, village, port;
  • Core game mechanics: physics, destructible objects, contraptions, time rewind;
  • Singleplayer + 2 split screen modes (Race and King of the Hill);
  • Sound effects;
  • Gamepad support.

We plan on adding the following features:

  • Additional environments (the hold of the ship, wobbling on the waves; the insides of the giant mechanical clocks; the medieval japan city etc.);
  • Improved sound effects and soundtrack;
  • Various power-ups (slowing down of time, wobbly man power, low gravity)
  • Steam achievements and leaderboards;
  • Linux and Mac support.

That works. You might think there’s a world of difference between a motorbike and a sumōtori but, in this kind of setting, you’d be wrong. Motorbikes do occasionally go quite fast but Trials is not about speed. It’s about controlling momentum and balance, and that seems like something very suited to the world of Sumo.

The game is the work of two brothers, with outside forces providing sound and animation, and it has been in development for two years. It’s one of the finalists in IGF China and is seeking votes on Steam Greenlight. I’d vote for it because it has already made me smile.


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