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Sunfire and Moonshadow release for Vagrus

sunfire and moonshadow release for the first game expansion in vagrus - the riven realms on linux steam deck mac windows pc

Sunfire and Moonshadow release for the first game expansion in Vagrus – The Riven Realms on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the relentless innovation at Lost Pilgrims Studio, keeping our adventures fresh and engaging. Due to makes its way onto both Steam and GOG.

So, let’s dive into what’s happening with Lost Pilgrims Studio and their latest release for Vagrus – The Riven Realms. They’ve been busy creating their first expansion, “Sunfire and Moonshadow,” and it’s due to release on November 7th. This isn’t just a tiny update; it comes with a ton of new places to check out. There are also characters to meet and quests to tackle. Where you step into a vast desert full of secrets, where your choices can tip the scales of power.

Now, for those read to dive deep into this world, there’s a Season Pass coming up. Due to allowing players to buy both the “Sunfire and Moonshadow” expansion and a further two content DLC releases. These DLC’s are going to roll out across 2024. They also promise to bring even more unique features to the table. This includes new companions to join your travels and a brand new region. Due to shake things up with some fresh gameplay elements.

Picking up a Season Pass is like pre-ordering future adventures, and you’ll even save compared to buying everything separately. Plus, you’re giving the studio a big high-five to keep doing what they do best. Creating engaging game content for Linux and Steam Deck.

Vagrus – The Riven Realm: Sunfire and Moonshadow – New DLC Release

Now for “Sunfire and Moonshadow” release itself. This isn’t just another chapter; it’s a game-changer, building on the stories and groups we’ve already gotten to know. You’ll land in the Bronze Desert, which is an ancient place with a ton of history. There’s a lot going on, such as the Empire sending out vast armies to conquer lands and leaving behind the Chimera Legion to keep watch. But there’s a twist — the Ahari people are not settling for it. They’re standing up against the Empire to take back what’s theirs.

You’ll release right in the middle in “Sunfire and Moonshadow”. So the decisions you make can shape the outcomes for everyone. Are you going to side with the Ahari and their devotion to the Sun God? Will you join forces with the Chimera Legion and their no-nonsense leader? Your choices have weight, and they’ll carve out the future for the Bronze Desert and beyond.

Expect to run into all sorts of challenges, from tough enemies to new allies. Then dive into stories that pull you in different directions. Plus, there’s a whole arsenal of fresh gear and item that you’ll earn as you prove yourself to the new factions.

So, gear up for a big adventure, since “Sunfire and Moonshadow” isn’t just another DLC release. It’s a massive new playground for those who love to explore, strategize, and create their own legends. Due to be available on both Steam and GOG, November 7th. Along with support for Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC.

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