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SUNLESS SKIES gets official 2019 release date

sunless skies gets official 2019 release date for linux mac windows

SUNLESS SKIES now has an official release date for 2019 on Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the games been in Early Access for the past year and a half on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Plus we are announcing the SUNLESS SKIES 10k Challenge for streamers.

So to accompany the release of SUNLESS SKIES for Linux, Mac and Windows at 1800 GMT on January 31st, 2019. Developer Failbetter Games are also announcing The 10k Challenge for streamers.

For every minute of streamed content featuring SUNLESS SKIES in the 24 hours after it launches. Failbetter Games will donate £1 to SpecialEffect, up to £10,000. SpecialEffect are a UK charity who puts fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

“Our community chose SpecialEffect to receive the proceeds of the event. And we’re eager to support a cause which our players are so invested in,” says Communications Director Hannah Flynn. “We hope broadcasters will enjoy exploring the full release of SUNLESS SKIES at launch. And also use the opportunity to tell their communities about what SpecialEffect do to make gaming accessible to all.”

Sunless Skies: Eleutheria Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Any streamer can get into the action, for as little or as much time as they like. The instructions for taking part are available as a googledoc.

SUNLESS SKIES is the follow-up to 2015’s SUNLESS SEA. Also a Gothic Horror RPG with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling. Since you play the captain of a locomotive engine, free of rails, exploring a fantastical vision of space. Which is also the colonisation efforts of Queen Victoria.

Sunless Skies was successfully funded in 4 hours on Kickstarter, and went on to raise a total of £377,952. It launched into Early Access in August 2017 and will release soon.

SUNLESS SKIES official release date is January 31st, 2019 on Linux Mac and Windows. But also available now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store priced at $24.99 USD.