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Sunless Skies releases 3rd region Eleutheria

sunless skies releases 3rd region eleutheria for linux mac windows

Failbetter Games releases the third region into their gothic horror RPG, Sunless Skies for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also with the release is a brand new trailer.

Eleutheria releases:

“Eleutheria is designed to give you goosebumps,” says CEO and Art Director Paul Arendt. “It’s dark. The enemies are about as scary as we can make them. And we put a submarine-sized spider that feeds on terror in the last game. The stories are among our weirdest and most haunting. We can’t wait to get into some streams after it’s launched. Then watch people lose themselves in the dark.”

Sunless Skies: Eleutheria Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Sunless Skies was successful on Kickstarter back in 2017. Since then has been in Early Access as of August 2018. Which is available on Steam, GOG, Humble Store for Linux, Mac and Windows for $24.99 USD. Also recently nominated for a Develop Award for Writing or Use of Narrative. Which is the third nomination for Failbetter Games in that category.

Feedback from Early Access players and streamers certainly shapes development. Since Sunless Skies full releases in January 2019.

“We’re very happy with how Eleutheria has turned out. And we think it’s important to bring the Reach up to the same standard,” says Deputy CEO Adam Myers. “As the central region, you spend a lot of time there. So we really want to ensure the atmosphere. While the quality, variety and frequency of the experiences reflect the lessons we’ve learned. We also want to revisit some of the survival mechanics. Which in their current form don’t always shape the experience in the ways we’d like.”

“Initially full release was for September [2018]. These changes don’t represent four months of extra work. But by leapfrogging the Christmas period and releasing in January [2019] we hope to give the game its best chance.”

Players can expect an updated roadmap to launch on soon.

What is Sunless Skies?

SAIL THE STARS. BETRAY YOUR QUEEN. MURDER A SUN. Set a course for the heavens in your steam locomotive! Lose yourself in a changing universe where even time can be bought. A Victorian Gothic RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Sunless Skies is Failbetter Games’ third title in the Fallen London universe, following 2015’s Sunless Sea and the cult browser game Fallen London, which launched in 2009 and is still free to play at