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SUNLESS SKIES RPG official launch date

sunless skies rpg official launch date for linux mac windows games

SUNLESS SKIES, the Gothic Horror RPG has an official launch date this month for Linux, Mac and Windows. The follow-up to SUNLESS SEA is releasing on January 31st, 2019 at 1800 GMT on Steam, Humble Store and GOG.

SUNLESS SKIES is an RPG with a focus on exploration and exquisite storytelling. The success of the games initial Kickstarter goal of £100,000 in 4 hours. Then entering Steam Early Access/GOG Games in Development in August 2017. The title has some solid success and support from the games community.

“Often, SUNLESS SKIES is about the price you pay for curiosity,” says Narrative Director Chris Gardiner. “It unfolds a world populated with deep, dark stories that lure you on, but leave their mark.

“It’s an alternate history, where Queen Victoria has rebuilt London in the heavens. But this isn’t space as we know it: it’s a windy celestial wilderness littered with offshoots of empire, ruined libraries, rebellious enclaves, distressing monsters, and domains of the dead.”

So, in SUNLESS SKIES you are the captain of a steam locomotive, eking out an existence from port to port with your crew. Since you have to smuggle and trade where you can. While you seek to find wealth, fame, or the truth. Why are the stars going out?

Sunless Skies: Eleutheria Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

SUNLESS SKIES follows the indie hit SUNLESS SEA. Although it’s not necessary to play SUNLESS SEA before embarking on an expedition into the skies. Playing SUNLESS SEA does give you more of an introduction due to the unique style of gameplay.

Creative Director Paul Arendt says: “We’ve been delighted and humbled by the success of SUNLESS SEA. Feedback from our community of players has helped us to make SUNLESS SKIES even better – more accessible to newcomers without sacrificing the unique atmosphere of wonder and dread.

“Stories lie at the heart of all our games. You spend a lot of time in SUNLESS SKIES reading, so we’ve invested effort into making the reading experience more of a pleasure. We’ve brought depth and dimension to our 2D world with a much wider palette of moods and locations. Combat is almost balletic: you can strafe, spin and chase down enemies, each of whom have specific motivations and fight styles.

“I’m delighted with this game; I sincerely hope that everyone who tries it will have an experience that stays with them for a long time.”

Launch date:

While the release date for SUNLESS SKIES gothic horror approaches for Linux, Mac and Windows. Focusing on exploration and exquisite storytelling, the games full launch date is January 31st. Also available now on Steam, Humble Store and GOG

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