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Sunsets Ashes now runs properly on Linux

sunsets ashes now runs properly on linux mac windows games

Since developer Fifth One just announced the Linux support for Sunsets Ashes. While the #freetoplay visual novel has support for Linux, Mac and #Windows. The #games Linux support seemed to be missing executable. Even more interesting, the developers didn’t even notice the thread post.

However, the recent Steam Discussion post by Fifth One addresses this further:

I’m terribly sorry everyone for the delay in addressing this issue. We completely missed the discussion post on this, and many thanks to the Steam user that contacted us directly about it.

We’ve gone and addressed the issue. All the correct depots have been setup. Thank you Fallagorn for the information you shared as it helped us realize our issue on Steamworks end of things.

So gameplay has players experiencing the short story of Alex and Nic. As they share memories with each other, climbing a mountain together for the first time. So for years, Alex has been going for climbs, and trying to get Nic to join. Outdoor trips for her always meant renting a live-in recreational vehicle. But she’s leaving her comfort zone and do this one climb. It’s a chance for them to remember their lives together.

Therefore Sunsets Ashes gameplay features multiple scenes. Since the two climb through different parts of the mountain to reach the summit. There will be an option to travel up a certain path during the experience. Which provides different story elements between the characters.

All primary development of the visual novel is complete. Art, music, story, and programming are set, and all known bugs have been fixed. Fifth One have been working on integration of the Steamworks SDK. Since the visual novel includes achievements and trading cards.

Sunsets Ashes is available on Steam and Since the games free to play for Linux, Mac and Windows. It’s worth checking out.

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