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Super Adventure Hand runs on Steam Deck

super adventure hand 3d action platformer game runs great on linux via steam deck with windows pc

Super Adventure Hand 3D action platformer game runs great on Linux via Steam Deck with Windows PC. Thanks to further details and confirmation from developer Devm Games. Available now on Steam. Along with 100% Positive reviews.

Developed by DevM Games, known for their work on the Moving Out series, Super Adventure Hand has landed on Windows PC via Steam. This title offers players a unique and deep 3D action platformer experience. All while taking the 3D platforming genre to a fresh dimension.

In Super Adventure Hand you are a hand, once the best in the gloves sales business. Suddenly, you find yourself detached from your trusted companion, Arm. The mystery unravels as you work through challenging terrain to find out what led to this split. Could it be the notorious feet, known for their mischief? Or is there a darker force at play?

I don’t have native Linux support, however the game runs great on the Steam Deck which uses Proton to run the game.

This is the email reply from developer Devm Games. Who not only confirmed Super Adventure Hand Steam Deck support and Linux via Proton, but also the community. And let’s not forget ProtonDB too.

In the journey, Super Adventure Hand players will traverse over 50 distinct levels filled with both thrill and peril. Challenges are aplenty; from dodging deadly saw blades to avoiding flames. The five fingers, each with high friction, grant the ability to scale walls, grasp onto objects, detonate explosives, and more.

Super Adventure Hand – Launch Trailer

While handling might seem daunting at first, the Super Adventure Hand mechanics are intuitive. Soon, one might find themselves skilfully working through terrains and obstacles. And for those seeking a dose of adrenaline, there are vehicles such as cars and skateboards that amplify the fun. However, it might take some practice to master driving or skating with just a hand. The gameplay is undeniably intriguing.

Even though you’re playing as a hand, there’s no reason it shouldn’t flaunt some style. Players have the option to accessorize their hand avatar with a range of items. From chic watches to flashy rings, there’s something for every taste. And if you fancy, there’s even nail polish to spruce things up.

Beyond the unique mechanics and customization options, Super Adventure Hand boasts a compelling story. There’s a profound reason behind the loss of Arm. As you venture deeper, you’ll uncover secrets and maybe unveil the motive behind the devious act.

For anyone looking for a fresh twist on platformers, Super Adventure Hand is worth considering. This 3D action platformer blends gripping challenges, personalization features, and an engaging storyline. While making it a unique offering. Dive in, and unravel the enigmatic world of the most adventurous hand on Steam via Linux and Steam Deck with Windows PC. Priced at $12.99 USD / £10.99 / 12,79€.

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