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Super Adventure Hand to hit Steam Deck

super adventure hand physics platformer game is coming to linux and steam deck via proton with windows pc

Super Adventure Hand physics platformer game is coming to Linux and Steam Deck via Proton with Windows PC. Thanks to the details straight from the brilliant team at DevM Games. Due to make its way onto Steam this month.

Developed by DevM Games, the same studio behind the Moving Out series. Super Adventure Hand is the latest addition to the physics platformer genre. With a scheduled release on Steam, September 21st, this title is already getting attention.

Linux and Steam Deck:

I don’t have native Linux support, however the game runs great on the Steam Deck which uses Proton to run the game.
The game is built using Unity.

This is the email reply from Super Adventure Hand developer DevM, the sole creator. Going on to state, “I really don’t have time to port.” Even though Unity 3D is being used for development. This also leaves Proton to be the only option for Super Adventure Hand. Likewise, as to whether it will be Verified, this is still TBD.

Super Adventure Hand – Release Date Trailer

In Super Adventure Hand, players take on the role of the world’s most adventurous hand. As the storyline unfolds, you’re learn about the hand that once served as a glove sales assistant. Now, it finds itself on a solo quest, separated from its best friend, Arm. The central mystery is intriguing: Was Arm taken by the scheming feet? Who is always trying to plot against you? Or was there a different foe at play? As you work through each level in Super Adventure Hand, the goal is to reach the magical mug at the end.


  • Level Design: Boasting over 50 distinct levels, players will face a plethora of challenges. The Super Adventure Hand settings are teeming with obstacles, from menacing saw blades to raging fires. The hand’s five high friction digits play a pivotal role here. They provide players with the ability to scale walls and tubes. Also grasp various items, ignite explosives, and much more.
  • Transportation: Despite being just a hand, mobility is not a restriction. So whether it’s cruising in a vehicle or managing to use a skateboard, there’s a mix of movement options to keep the gameplay engaging. It adds an unexpected and yet fun twist to the platformer mechanics.
  • Customization: While a face may be absent from the hand, that doesn’t mean style has to be. Super Adventure Hand players can adorn their character with a range of accessories. Such as watches, bracelets, rings, and even nail polish. It’s a fun and personal touch to the character you’ll spend hours working with.
  • Story: The storyline isn’t merely a backdrop; it’s a driving force. Why would someone or something target and take an arm? This deep story propels the player forward, pushing them to delve deeper and uncover the truth.

In Super Adventure Hand blends a deep story, innovative physics platformer, and a touch of whimsy to create a memorable title. For those keen on games that challenge the mind while telling a compelling story, this is worth consideration. It’s recommended to try the Free Demo via Proton. Remember to check it out on Steam come September 21st via Linux and Steam Deck with Windows PC.

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