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Super Catboy platformer aims at Steam Deck

super catboy action-packed platformer game focuses on linux for steam deck via windows pc and mac

Super Catboy action-packed platformer game that focuses on Linux for Steam Deck via Windows PC and Mac. Let’s delve deeper, as developer Pixelpogo has shared some new insights. Currently available on Steam and GOG with 80% Very Positive reviews.

Gear up and prepare for a high-octane, feline-fueled adventure that’s hit the digital shelves. Pixelpogo has just given us Super Catboy, an action-packed platformer that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Step into the paws of Catboy, our daring hero, and his sidekick, Weapongirl. Due to crushing the evil Dr. Ungefug and get back to doing cat things.

Thanks to the email reply from Pixelpogo, they offer further details:

We used GameMaker as our game engine, and we’ve already had feedback from several players that it runs very well on Linux and on their SteamDeck via Proton…

While Steam Deck’s Proton is functional, it’s not a built from scratch Linux edition. However, the Super Catboy creators hint at the chance for an Ubuntu specific version down the line. Depending on the publisher’s decisions, Super Catboy might even find its way to But nothing’s set in stone just yet.

This isn’t just another stroll through the virtual park. Super Catboy throws us back to the 90s games with a mix of run and gun thrills and classic beat ’em up. Each level presents a new challenge as our feline protagonist runs, leaps, and sprints through diverse landscapes. Whether it’s scaling snow capped mountains or finding your way in desolate factories, every second is a race against time. And trust me when I say, Catboy’s got that catnip-induced energy like no other.

Super Catboy | 90s Release Trailer

But every hero needs a villain. Super Catboy goes paw to paw with legions of well-armed canine fighters. Dogs with guns. But fret not, Catboy’s got a range of power-ups and weapons to defeat the mutts.

Yet, the excitement doesn’t stop at ground level. Prepare for pulse pounding motorbike chases, risky mine cart rides, and boss fights that will test your mettle. All this action ties into an engaging story that slowly unfolds as you progress.


  • Retro Revival: Super Catboy‘s 16-bit graphics and catchy tunes will teleport you straight into the golden era of the 90s. It’s an absolute feast for your senses.
  • Run Kitty Run: Armed with cutting-edge sneaker tech, Catboy leaps, sprints and runs through a kaleidoscope of environments. Expect everything from snowy peaks to mystical forests and abandoned industrial sites.
  • Furry Feuds: Channel Catboy’s inner lion with an array of powers and weapons. Due to turn those anthropomorphic dog soldiers into whimpering puppies.
  • Story Nuggets: As you explore and conquer, Super Catboy teases out its story, giving you more insight into its charming characters and tough bosses.

Available for download now on Windows PC and Mac via Steam and GOG, Super Catboy action-packed platformer is a must-play game. So, put aside those ordinary activities, get rid of the distractions, and prepare for an adrenaline-packed showdown. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,99€. Due to continue support for Linux and Steam Deck via Proton, and hopefully offer a native build on later.

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