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Super Dungeon Tactics strategy RPG launches on Steam

super dungeon tactics strategy rpg launches linux mac pc

Due to independent developer #UnderbiteGames. While in collaboration with hobby game and miniatures design studio Soda Pop Miniatures. And board game publisher Ninja Division. Now launch their charming yet challenging #turnbased strategy #dungeoncrawler Super Dungeon Tactics on Steam.

While based on the hit board game Super Dungeon Explore by Soda Pop Miniatures and Ninja Division. Super Dungeon Tactics is a tactical turn-based game. Set in a rich board game universe, it leverages the rich visuals and story-telling power of video games to deepen the gameplay experience. Therefore Super Dungeon Tactics tasks players with ridding the land of Crystalia of evil through intense dungeon-crawling action!

How do you actually play this?

As a guild master, players command a party of chibi-styled heroes across a vibrant fantasy realm filled with random encounters. While complete with side quests and hundreds of lootable items. So take up arms with up to fifteen unlockable heroes. Each with their own abilities, in addition to weapons, armor and items specialized to their character classes. Loot-based levelling and ability dice generate surprising challenges. Hence requiring on-the-fly strategic maneuvering of heroes to best the Dark Consul’s legion. Quests are also a multi-encounter affair with successive multi-part missions and random enemy generation, making each skirmish more exciting than the last.

Super Dungeon Tactics key Features include:

  • Powerful Ability Dice – The roll of the die at the start of each turn provides access to special abilities that affect the flow of battle and what skills are at your heroes’ disposal.
  • Dynamic Quests – As players uncover the grand story of good versus evil, they’ll take part in epic quests comprised of multiple encounters per level. Each scenario is dynamic, as encounters vary in size, enemy types, arenas and objectives.
  • Activation Initiative –  Both heroes and enemies abide by the game’s activation initiative, a map-based system that determines squad advantages and disadvantages at the start of a dungeon. The better your map positioning, the better odds in your favor. Choose your tiles wisely!
  • Loot-based Leveling – With progression tied to loot, no heroes are left behind. Swap a wide variety of equipment — from nine weapon types and dozens of support items — around and bring heroes anywhere without worry of under levelling.

Underbite Games says a Linux release will follow in the near future.

“A Linux version is planned for release shortly into 2017. No firm date is available.”

Super Dungeon Tactics is available for purchase on Steam for $17.99 USD (including a time-limited 10% off launch discount).


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