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Super Magbot a challenging new 2D platformer

super magbot a challenging new 2d platformer game for linux windows pc

Super Magbot is a challenging new 2D platformer game for Windows PC, with designs on Linux. Thanks to this upcoming creation from Astral Pixel. Due to release mayhem on Steam.

Super Magbot is a challenging 2D platformer where you can’t jump. So you have to utilize your magnetic powers. While you quickly and accurately beat each level. And maybe even save the galaxy from a terrible fate.

Having recently been emailed news about this new development. The release is now due to arrive until 2021. But only Windows PC support is listed. Here’s what Astral Pixel have to say about Linux.

Currently, Super Magbot is using Unreal Engine 4. And for tilemap editing we are using Tiled.
The game is using Unreal Engine 4. So a Linux/other platforms port should be feasible. But it’s something we will think/plan when the game content is finished or nearly finished.

Thankfully Super Magbot development uses Unreal Engine 4. Which will make for a smoother platforming experience. Hopefully allowing for more fluid controls. It’s also a pleasure to see Linux included in the mix. Really all it takes is asking a developer directly. And in this case, an honest reply. Even though we don’t have a specific release date yet.

Super Magbot Announcement Trailer

Team17 also announces their partnership with developers Astral Pixel. Helping the studio’s upcoming colourful pixel art platformer, Super Magbot make it to release. In development now, this is the debut game from Astral Pixel. And sees players harness the power of magnetism. So they can traverse and overcome unique and brutally puzzling levels.

As the Super Magbot, players must harness the power of magnetic forces. They also use this power to make their way through deadly platforming settings. All in a bid to save his home planet of Mag Tek.


  • Harness Magnetic Platforming Power
  • Magnetic Force to Attract: Use the power of magnetic attraction to pull yourself towards platforms. And also across risky pitfalls.
  • Use Magnetic Force to Repel: Magbots are very heavy and can’t jump! So use the power of magnetic repulsion to boost you through the air!
  • Collect Bonus Energy: Collect tough to reach additional energy for additional challenge!

Super Magbot challenging new 2d platformer will release on Windows PC. But the games also keeping Linux in mind, closer to the full release in 2021. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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