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Super Man Or Monster action coming Linux

super man or monster action coming to linux beside windows games 2017

Game development studio Xform released an explosive monster action game Super Man Or Monster. The titles currently available now for Windows on Steam as of October 31st, 2017. Yet the developers are keen for the games Linux and Mac release:

“Hi Todd,

We are indeed planning on doing an update with Mac and Linux support.

Not sure how long it will take at the moment.”

Since this is a unique style of gameplay. Linux gamers will have to wait, a release is coming. The games also playable in singleplayer, local multiplayer or shared split screen. And to be honest, Super Man Or Monster would make for some crazy online gameplay. Which is also a personal request.

So, will you fight to protect our cities from giant monsters as Man. Or will you be the Monster and spread devastation and chaos? The choice is yours in Super Man or Monster. Which also released on the website in 2014.

Super Man Or Monster – Launch Trailer:

Super Man Or Monster is a monster filled, explosive, third person action game. Due to the development using an 8-bit style. Which is an interesting choice for a game in 2017.
Playing as Man, you get a jetpack, machinegun, and military hardware. So these range from tanks and turrets to battleships and jet fighters. Using all tools at your disposal. It’s up to you to try and bring down the monsters threatening humanity. Anything you can deploy, you can jump in and pilot yourself.

So Monsters rely on brute force and special abilities. While these can range from fireballs and acid spit to armies of minions. As well as….farting? Yip, monstrous farting!

Man – Build your army, fly around with your jetpack and blast monsters. Since anything you deploy, you can pilot yourself. So this ranges from turrets and tanks to helicopters.
Monster – Bash, stomp and wreck cities with brute force. While using special powers like fireballs and body slams. The chaos is coming….

Super Man or Monster Features:

  • Play as Man or as Monster. Two types of gameplay for the price of one!
  • Explore more than 30 of the world’s biggest cities in glorious cubestyle.
  • Splitscreen local multiplayer game mode: Man versus Monster.
  • Units in the game are all controllable by Man! Hurray!
  • Splitscreen game mode: Man versus Monster.
  • Unlock all units, monsters, special attacks and trophies.
  • 8-bit look now in three dimensions.
  • Great retro chiptunes that won’t go out of your head!
  • Controller support.
  • No IAP or Pay-To-Win.
  • A jetpack and fart-attacks. Need I say more?

Therefore, Super Man or Monster is available as of October 31, 2017 via Steam for Windows. Discounted 25% on Humble Store. The games priced at $12.99 USD, with a Linux and Mac release coming soon. Also, no release date is available yet.

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