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Super Mario 64 remake comes to Linux, Mac and Windows PC thanks to Unity

Originally a #demonstration project, Erik Roystan Ross #recreation of Super Mario 64, a Unity #remake of the game’s first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield, is now playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Everything is just as you remember, except some minor stuff like red coins or the Wing Cap or the Big Bob-omb.

“I originally built this to demonstrate the Super Character Controller, a custom character controller written for Unity, but I got a little carried away,” he wrote. “The project is open source and can be downloaded by anybody and used for anything, outside of selling it.”

Having played the level in Linux for a few minutes, it works rather well. Which obviously looks far better than the original and it’s easy to play even with a keyboard or game controller. Taking some frustrations out by stomping on a pack of Goombas goes well with coffee.


When playing the desktop versions, do not edit the input settings in the Unity input menu. Instead, setup your input configuration in the in-game controls menu.

Ross has no plans to further develop the game. You can watch it in action above, or try it out for yourself by downloading from the website or the links below.

Linux [ Mirror ]

Windows [ Mirror ]

Mac [ Mirror ]

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