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Super Markup Man puzzle platformer hits Linux

super markup man puzzle platformer now on linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Learn HTML and CSS in the context of a 2D puzzle platformer! Super Markup Man teaches real web development practices without making you write any code. While previously released on both Windows and Mac in 2016.

Super Markup Man now available on Linux:

“I’m happy to announce that Super Markup Man is finally running on Linux! Please note that it has only been tested on Ubuntu 16 and only supports 64-bit. Certain features like the Steam Overlay are also not working, but I will continue to look into it.”

So Linux testing has some limits. But the games available now fully cross-platform. Meaning we have the capability to play singleplayer, local co-op or shared split-screen. So that being said, gameplay will likely work fine across other distro‘s. And the games 2017 release is not overly expensive either. Check it out on Steam and Itch.

Therefore Super Markup Man gameplay has players carrying tags. These are setup within the screen. So you can watch your website render in real-time. Match your website with the preview to pass each level.

Super Markup Man (Trailer):

Super Markup Man Features:

  • 100 levels/exercises
  • HTML mode that covers basic tags like A, IMG, STRONG, and EM
  • CSS mode for more advanced markup and styling
  • Local co-op*
  • Optional “bug” setting to keep you on your toes
  • Free Play mode where you can export levels to actual HTML files

So Clark from Roppy Chop Studios has past HTML-teaching games and apps. Which have been some of his more apt projects. Therefore it is time for a “quintessential version.” Since this also covers CSS, which is the part of web development that truly gives life to HTML. So he is taking the original, browser-based Super Marup Man. Since this was created three years earlier, giving it a major face lift. Purchasing new character spritesheets from Game Dev Market. As well as sound effects from Little Robot Sound Factory. And adding music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod.

Super Markup Man is interesting for a puzzle platformer. Since we now have Linux support in 2017, it’s worth playing. Yet only priced at $3.99 USD on Steam and Itch.

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